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The 20 Practical AR

The 20 Practical (Left) next to a .223 Rem (Right).  The 20 Practical has the power and capacity to drive many of the 20 Cal bullets 500+ fps faster than the .223 Rem can drive its comparable varmint weight bullets.

The 20 Practical uses .223 Remington brass necked down to 20 cal.   It has 100% feeding and function in an AR-15 and more - - -

Almost no recoil (see your varmint shots hit their mark);

Very flat shooting with explosive impact (20 cal. bullets can be driven accurately at very high velocities);

Easy to do (use existing commercial .223 dies and .223 brass).

Simple, easy, accurate and effective!

Shooting the 20 Practical in an AR-15

We Are Accepting Orders For 20 Practical AR Uppers  - Call (215) 348-8789 for details.
Please Note: We do not sell lowers or complete rifles.

Sample Upper With Vented Hand Guard

Pricing of Uppers above - $1365 - Features of Uppers:

 - Premium Stainless Match hand lapped barrels to assure maximum accuracy
       (1:11" twist - will adequately stabilize 20 Cal. bullets up to 40 gr)

 - Heavy Walled Rigid Upper Receivers For Maximum Rigidity and Accuracy
 - Rigid Free Float Hand Guards with Bipod Stud
 - Clamp-On Gas Blocks to eliminate barrel stress and for maximum accuracy
 - Side Charging Handles for ease of use and maximum flexibility
 - All receivers trued to assure perfect alignment and accuracy
 - Perfectly machined recessed target crowns to assure best accuracy
 - All uppers meticulously assembled, test fired and 100% inspected to assure
      maximum quality

Samples of 5 shot groups at 100 yards:

The rifle below was set up with an upper chambered in 20 Practical, it features a side charging handle upper using the thick walled very rigid DPMS Low Pro upper receiver and a 24" 1:11" twist barrel which is perfect to stabilize the larger 20 cal. bullets (around 40 gr.).

The 20 Practical - easy to make!

The 20 Practical cartridge is easy to make, just take .223 Remington cases, run them through your resize die, load them and shoot them - No neck turning - No Trimming - Not Complicated!

See Video Below On How Easy It Is!


You can use a Redding Type S FL Bushing die
for the neck down of .223 brass to the 20 Practical
and day to day re-sizing of fired 20 Practical brass.

Check out our Dies and Reloading tools page for Info on purchasing all the components you need to reload for the 20 Practical

To make 20 Practical cases, you first need to obtain a 20 cal. decapping rod and expander ball assembly (Redding Part #14206) to use with the .223 Remington sizing die.  This assembly is inexpensive and readily available from Redding and other commercial sources.  Along with that you also need to obtain .233" and .225" diameter bushings for use in the sizing die to size down .223 Rem. brass (a .226" bushing may be good to have too).  Once you have replaced the decapping rod asssembly and added in a .233" bushing, you lube the 223 Rem. cases (either new or brass that has  been previously fired and re-sized) and do a partial neck down of the brass by running them through the re-size die.   When you are done that you leave the lube on the cases and then use the .225" diameter bushing (sometimes a .226" bushing depending on the brass) in the sizing die and run your cases through the sizing die a second time to complete the neck down to a 20 Practical case.  After that, just load and shoot the cases and use a .225" (or .226") bushing for day to day re-sizing.

Note:  Whether you use a .225" or a .226" bushing, depends somewhat on the neck thickness of your brass.  With some brass a .226" bushing may be a better bushing for sizing down and day to day re-sizing.  The .226" bushing seems to work well with reprocessed military .223 brass that is made into 20 Practical cases.  With the Winchester brand .223" brass, a .225" bushing seems to work well with some lots, and other lots seem to be best with a .226" bushing.  If you use the .225" bushing and the back pressure is a lot when the expander button comes back through the neck after re-sizing the brass in your press, then you may want to try the .226" bushing instead.

Domestic Brass vs Imported Brass:  The 20 Practical set up we have and the related instructions is generally for use with domestic .223 brass (Winchester, Remington, U.S. Military brass, etc.).  Some of the imported brass has very thick neck metal and may not be ideal for use with the 20 Practical.

For a seating die for the 20 Practical you can use a Redding 223 Remington Competition Seating die without any modification.

20 Practical cases feed and function 100% in AR-15

There are a number of powders that have been tested and work well with the
20 Practical, among them:

Hodgdon's H335
VihtaVuori N133

Accuracy is Excellent!

Above = Three 5 shot testing groups with 20 Practical - Each one can be completely covered by a dime!

Close Up of 20 Practical side charging handle option with rigid heavy walled DPMS
Low Pro upper receiver

Uppers feature our special clamp-on gas block for best accuracy!

The clamp-on gas blocks are more expensive than other gas blocks but there is no question they are the best for accuracy, ease of installation, servicing of the upper, adjustability, etc.  The blocks we use are designed and made to our specifications for our uppers and provide a perfect gas seal with the barrel and do not deform or stress the barrel like many other cheaper gas blocks typically used by others.

Chrono Testing (11/14/2008)

We were working with the project rifle for the 6mmBR.com website that was to be sold to a customer so we did not put a lot of rounds down the barrel of the rifle for chrono testing but to give an idea of some velocites based upon some very limited testing we did:

25 gr. H335 with Berger 40 gr. BTHP bullet - 3575 fps.
26 gr. H335 with Berger 40 gr .BTHP bullet - 3740 fps.
27 gr. H335 with Berger 40 gr .BTHP bullet - 3846 fps.

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See Video Below Shooting The 20 Practical

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