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The "20 Tactical" Page

The 20 Tactical (Right) next to a .20 Practical (Center) and a .223 Rem.
(Left).  The 20 Tactical has factory Lapua brass available for it and factory match die sets are also made for it by Redding and others.

The 20 Tactical and 20 Practical, as cartridges, are similar.  The 20 Tactical can be made from .223 Remington brass but there is also factory brass for it made by Lapua.   It has 100% feeding and function in an AR-15 and more - - -

Almost no recoil (see your varmint shots hit their mark);

Very flat shooting with explosive impact (20 cal. bullets can be driven accurately at very high velocities);

Easy to do (use existing commercial factory Lapua brass, just load it up and shoot it).

Simple, easy, accurate and effective!

The 20 Tactical in an AR-15

We Are Accepting Orders For 20 Tactical AR Uppers  - Call (215) 348-8789 for details.
Please Note: We do not sell lowers or complete rifles.

Pricing of Uppers above - $1365 - Features of Uppers:

 - Premium Stainless Match hand lapped barrels to assure maximum accuracy
 - Heavy Walled Rigid Upper Receivers For Maximum Rigidity and Accuracy
 - Rigid Free Float Hand Guards with Bipod Stud
 - Clamp-On Gas Blocks to eliminate barrel stress and for maximum accuracy
 - Side Charging Handles for ease of use and maximum flexibility
 - All receivers trued to assure perfect alignment and accuracy
 - Perfectly machined recessed target crowns to assure best accuracy
 - All uppers meticulously assembled, test fired and 100% inspected to assure
      maximum quality

Upgrade to a heavy walled billet upper receiver for $50 extra

Above - Heavy Walled Billet Upper Receiver

Modified 20 Tactical Case fits Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Tool (formerly Stoney Point tool)    $15.00

20 Tactical cases feed and function 100% in AR-15

Commercial Load Data is available on the web for the 20 Tactical from many of the powder manufacturers.  Please also see the 20 Practical page on this website.

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