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The .224 AR Cartridge

The .224 AR (Right) next to a .223 Rem (Left).  The 224 AR has a significantly larger case capacity than the .223 Rem., allowing it to shoot the same bullets at significantly higher velocities.  This is helpful for longer range shooting especially with heavier bullets (i.e. 75 - 90 gr).  In addition, the case length of the .224 AR makes it ideal for loading and shooting the larger .224 bullets (75 - 90 gr.) magazine length.  Shown is a picture of the .224 AR loaded with a Berger 82 gr BTHP bullet at magazine length (2.260", which would place the bullet .010" off the lands).

The .224 AR is similar to the 6mm AR, except that it is set up to shoot the widely available .224 diameter bullets.  The cartridge has a water capacity of 36 gr. which is about 6.5 gr more capacity than a .223 Rem.

The .224 AR also has a case length that makes it ideal for shooting the larger .224 bullets (75 - 90 gr) loaded at magazine length.

Die sets are readily available!

Brass is available and easy to make (i.e. run it through re-size dies, load it and shoot it, no trimming, no neck turning, no special fire forming)

Simple, easy, accurate and effective!

Shooting the .224 AR in an AR-15

We Are Accepting Orders For .224 AR Uppers  - Call (215) 348-8789 for details.

Please Note: We do not sell lowers or complete rifles.

Sample of a .224 AR rifle set up for highpower rifle competition.  This rifle features a .224 AR upper built up by AR-X using a Brux four groove cut rifled barrel chambered in the .224 AR cartridge.  The barrel is 1.695" twist which will properly stabilize bullets like the Berger 90 gr VLD or the Berger 90 gr BT bullets.  Upper receiver is a billet heavy walled rigid upper

Sample of .224 AR Varmint Style Upper With DPMS Low Pro Heavy
Walled Upper Receiver

Sample of .224 AR Varmint Style Upper With Heavy Walled Billet Upper Receiver

Heavy Walled Rigid Upper Recievers with a Side Charging Handle
come standard on .224 AR uppers

Pricing of Upper - $1365 - Features of Uppers:

 - Premium Stainless Match hand lapped barrels to assure maximum accuracy
       (We carry a good selection of barrel blanks of various twist rates, in stock, for the build
        up of uppers, for 75-82 gr bullets, we recommend a twist rate between 1:7.5" to
        1:8" twist, and for the 90 gr bullets we recommend a twsit rate of 1:7" or tighter).

 - Heavy Walled Rigid Upper Receivers For Maximum Rigidity and Accuracy
 - Rigid Free Float Hand Guards (either set up with an adjustable hand stop and a bipod
        stud for competitive shooting, or with just a bipod stud for varmint type uppers)
 - Clamp-On Gas Blocks to eliminate barrel stress and for maximum accuracy
 - Side Charging Handles for ease of use and maximum flexibility
 - All receivers trued to assure perfect alignment and accuracy
 - Perfectly machined recessed target crowns to assure best accuracy
 - All uppers meticulously assembled, test fired and 100% inspected to assure
      maximum quality

Upgrade to a heavy walled billet upper receiver for $50 extra

Above - Heavy Walled Billet Upper Receiver

Modified .224 AR Case fits Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Tool (formerly Stoney Point tool)    $15.00

Redding Dies in Stock For the .224 AR Cartridge

Complete .224 AR Die Sets

Everything you need to reload for a .224 AR, including bushings!

   Complete .224AR Reloading Set                                                                                          $349.90
      .223 Redding Type S FL 6mmAR Sizing Die with .224 Sizing Button
      Redding 22 PPC Body Die for Secondary Neckdown
      .270" Redding Titanium Nitride Bushing
      .251" Redding Titanium Nitride Bushing
      .250" Redding Titanium Nitride Bushing
      Redding Competition Seater for .224 AR

.224 AR Brass is Easy and Available Now!

1.  Take new Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass and lube the cases with spray lube
2.  Run the brass through the Redding Type S FL die with a .270" - .272" bushing
3.  Then run the brass through the secondary neck down die
4.  Then run the brass through the Type S FL sizing die again, but with a .250" bushing
5.  Load it and shoot it!

No neck turning - No Initial Trimming - Not Complicated!

We have Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass - In Stock

Watch a Video on how easy it is to make brass

AR-15 Magazines Are Available for .224 AR

.224 AR Magazines (10 or 15 round capacity)   $37.50 each

.224 AR Chrono Testing (5/23/2009)

Rifle:  AR-15 Upper chambered in .224 AR
Barrel: Brux 4 groove cut rifled barrel
Barrel Twist:  1:6.95”
Bullets Tested:  Berger 82 gr BT (B.C. = .432) & Berger 90 gr BT  (B.C. = .525)

All loadings used virgin Lapua 6.5 Grendel brass necked down and loaded with CCI BR-4 Primers

Testing with Varget

26 gr Varget w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 2776 fps, ES = 13, SD = 6
27 gr Varget w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 2865 fps, ES = 29, SD = 14
28 gr Varget w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 2965 fps, ES = 12, SD = 6

26 gr Varget w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2688 fps, ES = 12, SD = 6
27 gr Varget w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2792 fps, ES = 26, SD = 12
28 gr Varget w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2894 fps, ES = 10, SD = 5

Testing with RL-15

26 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 2823 fps, ES = 22, SD = 11
27 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 2920 fps, ES = 15, SD = 7
28 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 82 gr BT, MV = 3024 fps, ES = 32, SD = 16

26 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2756 fps, ES = 6, SD = 3
27 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2857 fps, ES = 12, SD = 6
28 gr RL-15 w/ Berger 90 gr BT, MV = 2965 fps, ES = 16, SD = 8

Note:  The 28 gr loadings with both Varget and RL-15, especially with the 90 gr bullets, were about as stiff a loading as I would consider shooting and were        getting close to the top end pressure wise.

  .224 AR Cartridges feed and function 100% in AR-15

Uppers feature our special clamp-on gas block for best accuracy!

The clamp-on gas blocks are more expensive than other gas blocks but there is no question they are the best for accuracy, ease of installation, servicing of the upper, adjustability, etc.  The blocks we use are designed and made to our specifications for our uppers and provide a perfect gas seal with the barrel and do not deform or stress the barrel like many other cheaper gas blocks typically used by others.

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