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6mmAR Loading Information

The target to the right represents a 20 shot MR-31 slow prone target shot prone with a sling at 100 yards using the 6mmAR.  The load used was with Berger 105 gr. BT Moly bullets loaded at 2.250" OAL and 28.5 gr. H4895 powder with CCI BR-4 primers in necked down 6.5 Grendel small primer brass.  In the 26" Hart barrel that shot this group, the load chronos right around 2776 fps.
6mmAR Loading Information

Chrono Results for a 600 yard load
using Berger 105 VLD's (below)

Choice of Bullets:  85 gr. to 107 gr. BTHP Match Bullets

The 6mmAR can easily be loaded with high B.C. bullets in the 85 gr. to 107 gr. range.  Bullets in the 85 - 90 gr. range typically shoot well at 2800-2850 fps, and bullets in the 105-107 gr. range typically shoot well at 2700-2750 fps.  Some of the bullets ideal for highpower competition are:

1.  The Berger 90 gr. BT Match Bullet that has a .410 B.C. (left);
2.  The Berger 105 gr. BT Match Bullet that has a .527 B.C. (second from left); and
3.  The Berger 105 gr. VLD Match Bullet that has a .556 B.C. (right).

Chrono Results for a 600 yard load
using Berger 105 VLD's (below)

** Loads Note - Warning:  The loads below are only examples of loads that were used in other rifles with the bullets, brass, primers and bullet jump noted below.  Your rifle may be different than the rifles that used these loads and the loads noted below may not be appropriate to shoot in your rifle.  As a reloader, it is your responsibility to work up safe loads in your rifle.  As a suggestion, start by reducing the powder charge for the  listed loads at least 1.5 full grains and working from there.  There is also some large primer commercial brass that may be used to make brass for this cartridge, and bear in mind that a large primer will also increase pressure significantly.  If large primer brass and large primers are used, powder charges should be lowered at least 2 full grains from the listed loads to start.

Recommended Bullets:  85 gr. to 108 gr. 6mm BTHP Match Bullets (115 gr 6mm bullets are just too big, heavy and long - don't waste your time with them).

Brass Used:  6.5 Grendel (Lapua) small primer brass necked down to 6mm.

Brass Trim Length: 1.515" and Max Case Length 1.525"

Bullet Jump Used:  .010" or more for conventional bullets.  VLD's generally at or in the lands .005" to .010".

Primers Recommended:  CCI BR-4 Primers or Rem 7 1/2 BR Primers.  Note - Some other brands of primers have cup metal that appears to be thinner and some of these other brands of primers pierce easily in an AR-15.

Powder Charges:

27.5 to 28 gr. Hodgdon's H4895
28.5 to 29.0 gr RL 15
27.5 gr. IMR 4895
28.5 gr. N140
28.5 - 29.0 gr N540
28.0 to 28.5 gr. AA2520 (ball powder)

Moly Bullets:  The loadings with these powder charges were with plain (non-moly) bullets.  Moly bullets will usually require approximately one half grain more powder to achieve the same velocities.  While it appears that there are some advantages associated with the use of moly bullets in the 6mm AR, because of the ongoing debates and controversy relating to the use and misuse of moly, we generally do not recommend the use of moly bullets, however, if you are going to use moly bullets, the only bullets we feel may be appropriate are the factory moly coated Berger or Sierra bullets.

Magazine Length Loadings:  While substantial variances in bullet lots make it impossible to state exact OAL dimensions with a new 6mmAR chamber, the following are approximate OAL loadings with these bullets and are given to provide a rough idea of OALs:

87 gr. Hornady BTHP (.376 B.C.) - 2.175" OAL
90 gr. Berger BT (.410 B.C.) - 2.260" OAL
105 g. Berger BT (.527 B.C.) - 2.260" OAL   ** Note - this is a recent production bullet and is a different bullet than the Berger 105 gr. VLD bullet and the former Berger 105 gr. LTB bullet.

Long Line Loadings:

105 gr. Berger BT (.527 B.C.)
107 gr. Sierra MatchKing (.530 B.C.)
105 gr. Berger VLD (.556 B.C.)
108 gr. Berger BT (.546)

Favorite Single Bullet "Across The Course" Load  - For a single "across the course" load, a favorite with some rifles has been 27.5 to 27.8 gr. Hodgdon's H4895 with a 105 gr. Berger BT bullet (not the VLD bullet) about .010" off the lands (about 2.260" OAL) with a CCI BR-4 or Rem 7 1/2 BR primer and necked down 6.5 Grendel (Lapua) brass.

Favorite Long Line Match Load - For 600 yards, many shooters are reporting very good accuracy and results with a load of 27.5 to 27.8 gr of H4895 with a Berger 105 gr. VLD bullet loaded .005" to .010" into the lands with a CCI BR-4 or a Rem 7 1/2 BR primer and necked down 6.5 Grendel (Lapua) brass.  A Sierra 107 MatchKing, or a JLK 105 VLD can also be used with the same load.

Favorite 200 - 300 yard Rapid Fire Match Load - 27.5 to 27.8 gr. of H4895 with a Berger 90 gr BT bullet with .010" jump (about 2.260" OAL on a new chamber) with a CCI BR-4 or a Rem 7 1/2 BR primer and necked down 6.5 Grendel (Lapua) brass.

Favorite Short Course or Practice Load - 27.5 to 27.8 gr of Hodgdon's H4895 with a Hornady 87 gr. BTHP bullet about .020" off the lands (about 2.175" OAL) or a Berger 90 gr. BT bullet about .010" off the lands (about 2.260" OAL) with a CCI BR-4 or Rem 7 1/2 BR primer and necked down 6.5 Grendel (Lapua) brass.

Top Velocity - A very popular powder for the 6mmAR is Relaoder 15.  This powder is a double base powder that is very compact and has been offering up not only great accuracy, but some of the best velocities with the cartridge, especially with bullets like the Berger 105 VLD.  For plain bullets, somewhere between 28.5 gr and 29.0 gr is working well.  Some barrels handle 29.0 gr without excess pressure and will run plain Berger 105 VLD bullets a bit over 2800 fps.  Most barrels we have seen will shoot 28.5 gr great and without the necessity to do any load workup at all - Try it and let us know how it works for you!

N540 - For some shooters N540 is the VV equivalent to Reloader 15 with a bullet like the Berger 105 VLD, so if you don't have or like Reloader 15, give N540 a try. 28.5 gr is a "no brainer" load, some barrels will handle 29.0 gr.  A workable accurate velocity should be in the range of 2750 - 2800 fps.

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