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Benchrest AR

"Off the Bench" AR-15 shooting can now be done easily with the addition of the "Bag Rider System"
to an AR-15 rifle.

Shooting an AR-15 "off the bench"

Recently more and more shooters want to shoot their AR-15's "off the bench", and this type of shooting has become popular for varmint hunters, benchrest shooters, and those who just want to go the the range and shoot "off the bench" and just have a good time.  This page has been set up to highlight some of the items and products we sell and employ in our uppers to accommodate "off the bench" shooting with an AR-15.

AR-15 "Off The Bench" Shooting

The Bag Rider System

Without a doubt, the single most important enhancement you can make to your AR-15 to shoot "off the bench" is the Bag Rider System.  The Bag Rider System allows you to quickly and easily modify your AR-15 to shoot it well using a front rest and a rear bag.

The AR-15 Bag Rider System (Front and Rear)  - $75.00

Front Rider only - $40.00

Rear Rider only - $40.00

To Order Call (215) 348-8789


The Bag Rider System allows you to shoot repeated shots "off the bench" with little or no loss of your point of impact.

** NEW **  The Easy Change Front Bag Rider - $55.00

The Easy Change Front Bag Rider offers the same great accuracy but is fast and easy to install!
- No tools Required.
- Fits over most bipod studs.
- Works with a variety of hand guards.

Watch the Bag Rider System in action in the video below:


Billett and Rigid Upper Receivers

For "off the bench" shooting we also recommend the use of the heavy walled rigid upper receivers (an option we offer with our uppers).  The basic military style flat top upper receiver was designed for a carry rifle and is very light and has very thin side walls which makes it prone to flexing (i.e. it's what we call "flexible strong" which is not bad in a military carry rifle application but not good for target and accuracy work).  For accuracy work, upper receiver rigidity is what is best, and the only way to achieve that is by using a heavy walled rigid upper receiver.  Our heavy walled upper receivers are three to four times thicker in the side walls and make for a much more rigid platform for accuracy work from an AR-15.

Below = Sample of our DPMS Low Pro heavy walled rigid upper receiver with side charging handle

Below = Sample of our heavy walled rigid billet upper receiver
with side charging handle

Rigid Free Float Hand Guard

The importance of using a rigid hand guard should not be dismissed for shooting an AR-15 "off the bench", or when using a bipod.  Because an AR-15 is a semi auto rifle and it starts to pressure up its gas system and also starts to cycle before the bullet ever exits the bore, any flexibility in the shooting platform tends to increase the potential for accuracy loss.  Our hand guards are made with a special thicker walled rigid high grade aluminum free float tubing that provides a rigid forend for shooting off a rest or off a bipod.

Clamp-On Gas Block

The best gas block for accuracy work is clearly the clamp-on type.  It provides the least amount of stress on the barrel, while at the same time providing the best seal to contain all gas in the gas system.  All our accuracy upper build ups are made with clamp-on gas blocks.  In addition clamp-on gas blocks are also the easiest to install, adjust and remove so that the initial set up and any later servicing of the rifle or the gas system can be accomplished easily and quickly with no special tools.

GG&G Scope Rail

For shooting "off the bench", you need to be able to properly see through the the rifle scope and you need proper eye relief.  The existing AR-15 flat top typically does not permit one to mount a higher magnification scope upon it and see correctly through the eye piece (especially with scopes like Leupold and Nightforce which have 3" or so of eye relief).  The GG&G extended scope rail solves this inherent problem by allowing the proper mounting of a scope on an AR-15.  It extends the mounting area a full 3" further forward.  This rail is a premium product and clamps right onto an existing flat top upper receiver (with the supplied allen wrench), and can be taken on and off the rifle with no loss of zero - a great product for "off the bench" with an AR-15.

GG&G Scope Rail      $89.95

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