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Products and Items for Left Handed Shooters
To obtain any of the items on this page contact:

AR-X Enterprises, LLC (Attn: Robert Whitley)
199 North Broad Street
Doylestown, PA  18901
(215) 348-8789
e-mail:  rcw3@erols.com

Left Handed Shooter Products and Prices

For Left Hand Shooters We Now Offer Two Options:

Option #1  -  True Left Hand Uppers (Left Loading and Eject) with a side charging handle too!

Above is a true left hand upper with a left side charging handle.  Upper features a DPMS Low Pro heavy walled (very rigid) upper receiver.  This upper loads from the left and ejects from the left and does not have a loading/ejection port on the right side.

Above is the right side of the true left hand upper (with gas vent slots)

Option #2  -  Right Hand Upper With Left Side Loading Port (Left Loading Port, Right Side Eject)

Sample Left Hand Load/Right Eject 6mmAR Upper with heavy walled DPMS Low Pro upper receiver

Right side view of upper showing add on shell deflector

 For left handed shooters we offer this custom left hand upper assembly complete.
The upper can be loaded from either the left or right side, but cases eject out the right
side port.  The upper also has a shell deflector added on to the right side.  We only
use the heavy walled DPMS Low Pro upper receiver for this application to assure
that the upper receiver is stiff and rigid for best accuracy.  The upper is otherwise
accurized and customized in all respects.

A note for shooters that do not intend to shoot highpower competition:
If you do not want the muzzle turned down, let us know.  Also if you do not need or
want a handstop, we have handguards that are not slotted and do not have a handstop.
If you want a shorter barrel, we will make it whatever length you want, within reason.
Let us know what you want and we will try to accommodate your request.

Close up Left Side Loading Port

Close up of Right Side Shell Deflector (also note wall thickness of receiver)

Please Note:  All prices are subject to change without notice, and prices do not include shipping, handling,
                     and PA sales tax (for PA residents only).

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