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Varminting with the 6mmAR

A 6mmAR cartridge loaded with a Hornady 75 gr V-Max bullet - 3100+ fps.

A Devastating Varmint Cartridge

The 6mmAR is an exceptional 6mm varmint cartridge.   Recent chronograph testing has shown the cartridge is capable of shooting 3100+ fps with Hornady 75 gr V-Max bullets.  When you are looking for uncompromising accuracy, coupled explosive bullet performance on varmints, along with the rapid firepower of a magazine fed semi-automatic AR-15, there's only one choice - the 6mmAR!

If a 6mm is not what you are looking for, please also see our 20 cal page (the 20 Practical AR) - Click Here

Varmint Shooting with the 6mmAR

Sample 6mmAR Varmint Upper with 24" Hart barrel, side charging handle option, and blue hand guard (black hand guard also available).

While varmint loads testing has only recently been started, initial results clearly indicate the cartridge has exceptional varmint potential.  Some chronograph results from January 14, 2007 indicate the following:

29 gr N133 with Hornady 75 gr V-Max - 3127 fps
29.5 gr. Benchmark with Hornady 75 gr V-Max - 3156 fps

This was all shot with a 24" barreled 6mmAR upper that has a Hart 1:8" twist.

All loads were using CCI BR-4 primers and the Hornady 75 gr V-Max bullet jumping .010" to the lands.

There is clearly a number of powders that will undoubtedly work well in this application (Hodgdon's 4895, IMR 4895, VV N133, VV N135, VV N535, Hodgdon's Benchmark, Hodgdon's H322, along with a host of stick and ball powders too).

NOTE:  Don't rule out H335 as a powder - after this page was originally published, a number of varmint rifle shooters have reported great accuracy and velocity using H335 (and it throws within .1 of a grain out of most powder measures).  One varmint hunter is running 80 gr varmint bullets around 3250 fps using H335 - that's smoking with a 6mm bullet of that weight out of an AR-15!

The 6mmAR (center) vs a 223 (left) and a
Hornady 75 gr. V-Max bullet (right)

10 shot group shot prone with a sling (no rest
or bipod) with Hornady 75 gr V-Max bullets at 100

Sample of varmint upper (mounted to standard AR-15
lower assembly)

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